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  • Alcohol Dehydration

    You did it again, partied all night, drank all your money, and can’t remember anything. You said you would never drink again but after a week you couldn’t remember why. So here you are your head pounding, broke swearing once again that you’ll never do it again. You have the worst hangover ever. Your mouth is dry and you can’t seem to get enough water. You have severe alcohol dehydration.

    But how much do you really know about this? Most people do not realize the damaging effects being dehydrated from alcohol can do. First I will tell how the alcohol causes the dehydration. I’m sure you know that when you drink a lot of alcohol you urinate more. Well this is because ethanol, which is in the alcohol, stops something called vasopressin from being released. This leads your kidneys to product more urine and that’s what leads to alcohol dehydration. So when you urinate it is not just the alcohol coming out its also additional water from your body. Also if you happen to puke or get diarrhea there goes more water from your body. So what can you do? Well the simple answer would be to just not drink. But there are a couple of things you can do that will help. For instance you can drink water in between your alcohol drinks. Another tip would be to space you drinks out more. This will not completely stop the dehydration, but should lessen the effect.

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    Quick Method Of Purifying Water

    why-is-water-important-boil waterYou may need a quick method of purifying water someday.

    Water safety is always a concern these days. But what do you do if you find yourself without some sort of purification system? There are many “Old School” ways you can try to effectively clean up that dirty water.

    Probably the most common way is to just simply boil the water. You’ve probably heard about this in your local news from time to time, as water safety becomes a bigger issue. There is really only one rule to follow when using this method of purifying water. Boil the water for at least 5 minutes if you are at sea level. Then boil for one minute more per 500 feet of altitude increase. This will make sure that you kill any harm full bacteria in the water. Clean off any residue on the top of the water, let it cool, then it’s ready to drink.

    I also have a few other tips when it comes to boiling water. I prefer to use glass mainly or stainless steel to do the boiling. I especially stay away from aluminum of other cheap metal pots. Metals can get into the water and while they may not have an immediate effect, they can be toxic over time.

    One final tip. Add a pinch of salt. This may help if you want your water to boil at a higher temperature. Boiling water is one of the best and easiest methods of purifying water but if you want to find out more about your tap water click here.

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    Lemon Facts Lime Facts And Your Water


    Most people would agree that trying to drink only water all day can be a boring and difficult task. But what if you were to find out that there was a great way to spice it up a bit. No only that but it would help clean and detoxify your liver as well.

    Lemon water purifies the blood as well and aiding in digestion. It’s high in vitamin C and is great for the skin. Another great benefit that people will love is that lemon water helps you lose weight faster.

    Now I couldn’t mention lemon facts without mentioning a few lime facts as well. Lime is another great way to spice up your water and has a high amount of potassium not to mention a whole host of other vitamins and minerals. It gives a slightly different taste as well as some variety.

    Both of these items added to you water can give you a great increase in energy. Lemons and limes are the 2 most alkalizing foods you can put in your body and the more alkaline the foods you eat or drink, the less likely you are to get disease. They give a better taste to a somewhat bland tasting product.

    Now using these foods in your water is a great way to increase your health but you should have a clean source of water to add them to.

    Click here for more information on getting the best, cleanest water you can!

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    Safe Drinking Water

    We used to just go to the sink, crank open the tap, and filler up. Now while some people still do this, the majority of people have either turned to store bought water or some sort of purification system.

    It may no longer be safe to just drink it from the tap. Some people say: “Unless the water is coming from ice melting in the mountains it’s no good.” That’s probably true, but for the rest of us who can’t get to a peak every time we are thirsty, we have to find an alternative to get safe drinking water.

    Now there are many types of water purifiers on the market. I’m going to review some of them in an upcoming article and would highly recommend you getting one. But it is also a good idea to know what kind of water you are starting out with. If you water smells or has chemicals in it or heavy metals. There is a guide that I highly recommend getting. It will help you better understand the kind of water you are dealing with and find a way to get safe drinking water.

    For more information about the drinking water guide Click Here.

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